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Become Baahubali in 4 Weeks

Become Baahubali in 4 Weeks

Are you one of those thousands of youngsters who got inspired by the hulk like physiques of Prabhas and Rana in 'Baahubali'? Then, here comes a huge opportunity to get a body like that of your favorte stars.

"Baahubali" franchise has associated with fitness chain 'StratFit' to unveil #BecomingBaahubali - the first of it's kind 4-week fitness challenge by celebrity fitness guru Daniel McKee. He has developed a 28-days fitness challenge to help enthusiastic people get a body like that of Baahubali's.

The interested ones have to log on to facebook, find the Becoming Baahubali page and follow it for the details, which will be coming soon.

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