Star Kid's Bikini Pic Goes Viral Painful Disease for Super Star!

Viral Pic: Sourav Ganguly's Photoshoot with Daughter

Viral Pic: Sourav Ganguly's Photoshoot with Daughter

Some time ago, we have seen top actress Deepika Padukone featuring in an advertisement with her parents to endorse a jewellery brand. Now, joining her side is Sana Ganguly, the 16-year-old daughter of former Team India captain Sourav Ganguly.

Sana has recently featured along with her father for a photo shoot, which was part of a premium jewellery brand endorsement. Wearing a lovely pink sari with golden border, Sana looks to have evolved into a pretty young lady. The pictures shared by her mother, Dona Ganguly on social media with the caption, "My little Sana doing her first shoot with daddy", have gone viral.

Despite it was the first time she was facing camera, she looked extremely comfortable in the company of her famous father. People have complimented Sana for her pretty looks.

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