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Who Is Going To Benefit From Samantha's Wedding?

Who Is Going To Benefit From Samantha's Wedding?

Apparently, if someone is getting any mileage out of Samantha's wedding, then the first name that is clicking to mind is none other than Telangana Government. There is a reason behind this as per the gossips doing rounds in film circles.

Say it due to her passionate love for handlooms or the way she's promoting them, somehow Samantha clicked quite well as the brand ambassador of Handlooms in the newly formed youngest state of India, the Telangana. At the same time, our heroine started a new apparel-manufacturing company that designs handloom clothes after deciding to promote the handmade fabrics from this state adequately. That strengthened the bond between Samantha and the Government a lot, with Minister KTR showering praises on the actress.

We hear that Samantha has also presented some of her close buddies with modern handloom clothes that ultimately look urbane. Also, she got some ethnic clothes made for many of her friends and relatives to wear at the wedding. On the outer surface, this will look like Telangana government getting free mileage through such promotion at their brand ambassador's wedding. If we look inside, then Samantha is taking up handloom for real, for various reasons, including the eco-friendly nature of the clothes and also a rupee spent on it will save miserable lives of many handloom workers.

Like the way whenever a celebrity plants a sapling these days, Telangana government's brainchild Hairtha Haram getting the appreciation, even Samantha's wedding will bring such respect and craze to handlooms. Wait for the marriage to happen, to find more about this.

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