Mohanbabu For Six Pack?

September 18th, 2012, 09:00 AM IST
Mohanbabu For Six Pack?

The next best actor in dialogue delivery after the great N T Rama Rao is considered to be the collection king Mohan Babu. He has also proved his mettle by doing few select mythological and period roles. But now it is heard that Mohanbabu is doing something which is rather unthinkable.

Sources reveal Mohanbabu is all set to go in for a six pack kind of physique. All this preparation is for the magnum opus 'Ravana' which is being made by his home banner. Apparently, Mohanbabu is doing the title role and he wants to look as fit and fresh as possible for that.

For getting a proper fit body Mohanbabu has reportedly imported a physical trainer from overseas. For his age suitable workouts and diet schedules have to be maintained so the groundwork has begun. Inside talk is that Mohan Babu is going to give a big shock for all big heroes as his determination levels are boundless and he is sure to achieve an astounding physique.

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