Tamanna Became Hot Aunty Suddenly

September 19th, 2012, 08:00 AM IST
Tamanna Became Hot Aunty Suddenly

When a heroine wears sari she becomes an aunty according to our folks. So, even if she is a debutante or a budding heroine, her wearing a sari means she can be labeled into the aunty bracket. And the same funda has been applied to the milky white beauty Tamanna.

It is heard that Tammu has worn a lot of sarees in her new movie 'Rebel' and sources say she wants to entertain all in her sari look. But those who saw few stills and heard this news are calling her names as hot aunty, sexy aunty etc. However, there is one fact which none of them can deny.

Given her following and the craze, this is nothing. Tamanna is still superb in sarees and there is no problem. In fact, whenever she wore a sari she has developed an additional sex appeal making her more desirable and attractive. 'Rebel' is hitting the screens on September 28th so just hang on and wait for the feast.

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