Big Loss For Thai Movie Buyers

September 23rd, 2012, 08:37 AM IST
Big Loss For Thai Movie Buyers

The Indian cinema is one place where freemakes and plagiarism is a very common culture. Since legal issues are cropping up a lot, our cine folks prefer to go intentional and keep lifting anything they want without hesitation. They tweak it with some Desi Masala and the film industry has it share of profits.

So, it came as a surprise when the producers Ramesh and Dwarakish went ahead and bought the rights of the Thai film 'Alone' and remade it as 'Charulatha'. Many praised the producers for doing it. But now, 'Charulatha' is getting a mixed talk and this has brought big loss to the movie buyers.

The common feedback is that the film has got a weak script and very inferior direction. Some are suggesting that instead of spending money and buying the rights, the producers should have used that money in making a better product with good star cast and technical values. Indian movies only are being made as freemakes. Many directors are lifting from Hollywood and making it freely here without giving any credit but the 'Charulatha' producers paid and wasted their money.

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