'I Have Nothing To Prove In Bikini'

October 7th, 2012, 12:08 PM IST
'I Have Nothing To Prove In Bikini'

When we talk about hot heroines, the immediate thing that strikes many youths is the bikini look of such hot babes. Recently when one such question is posed to milky beauty Tamanna, she gave a smiling answer for that.

According to buzz in film circles, Tamanna is said to be shedding much more skin for her Bollywood film 'Himmatwala'. She is said to be donning a bikini for that movie, a first time in her career. However the milky siren condemned that news and asked a stunning question. 'What do I have to prove it in Bikini?' asked Tamanna, saying 'There is nothing like a bikini in Himmatwala'. Did she mean that she has shown everything already and there is nothing new for her to show it too audience? Off course, watching Tamanna in Rebel will fill our stomachs with maximum food and there is nothing she can offer than it.

With 'Rebel' unleashing the perfect seductive look of Tamanna, the expectations about her skin show to rose high and that is the reason for this bikini talk, it seems.

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