Akkineni Akhil acting in Short Films !

October 19th, 2012, 12:00 PM IST
Akkineni Akhil acting in Short Films !

Ever since the reports of Akkineni Akhil debuting into Tollywood as hero surfaced, there is a lot of buzz regarding the launch pad film and it's director.

Nag, however, clarifies that he is not forcing Akhil to rush, but giving him enough freedom to decide what he actually wants! "Akhil is currently acting in few Short Films and trying to polish his acting skills. I have the confidence in him that he would one day come to me and say,'Dad, this is the story and he is the director of my debut film'," he says.

Multi-starrer film which features three generations of Akkineni Family (ANR, Nag and Akhil) will go to the sets in March 2013. "Actors of three generations in a family doing a film is a rare thing to happen. In Hollywood, Clark Douglas family has done it before. And in Bollywood, Raj Kapoor has repeated that feat. With Akkinenis joining the list, our film will be third one in the world. This is happy feeling to cherish. Titles like '3G' & 'Thrayam' are under consideration for the film, but nothing has finalized yet," shares Nag.

Akhil's debut and the three generation multi-starrer film will be most cherished moments of Akkineni Family. Let's wish everything falls in place to materialize these exciting projects!

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