Uday Kiran\'s Fiancee Revealed

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Uday Kiran\'s Fiancee Revealed

Tollywood actor Uday Kiran who is all set to tie the knot with his longtime girlfriend Visheeta spoke about his love-live  for the first time.

Uday met Visheeta through common friends at a party and after that they were constantly in touch with each other by chatting. Visheeta is neither a film buff nor a fan of the Uday and in fact she watched his previous movies only after they got to know each other well. "Visheeta always treats me like a friend and not as an actor, in that way she sees me differently when compared to others. We have known each other for years but just few months back we realized we are made for each other," says the actor.

Uday Kiran is hopeful that Visheeta's entry in his life will bring her good fortune. The marriage ceremony will take place on Oct 24 at about 4.28 am in Annavaram temple. It will be a low key affair with close family and few friends. Wish the soon to wed couple!

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