Shocker: A Woman in Brahmanism banned!

November 7th, 2012, 10:00 PM IST
Shocker: A Woman in Brahmanism banned!

Contrary to the reports appeared in a section of media, the committee constituted by the state government to review the controversial film 'A Woman in Brahmanism' has given thumbs down for it's makers.

The committee headed by IAS Officer Sahani has submitted its report Today and suggested the government not to allow the film screening in theaters. So, the most controversial film has been banned completely.

Committee's report to Govt came as a shock to many as the committee key member Chandravadhan declared after the screening on Monday that the film's producer has agreed to remove the word Brahmmanism from the title and the objectionable scenes, hinting that the hurdles were cleared for the release. It is being said that some of the members in the committee who found the entire film as degrading a particular community played the spoilsport.

A Woman in Brahmanism is the only film which was banned by the government in recent times, sending a message that films which show any particular community in bad light willn't be tolerated from now. It's time for Filmmakers to pick-up scripts carefully!

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