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Brahmanandam apologizes for hurting Sentiments

Brahmanandam apologizes for hurting Sentiments

Ace comedian Brahmanandam on Thursday apologized to the Brahmin community regarding the objectionable content in the recently released film Deniakaina Ready.

"I am apologizing if my role hurt any individual or the community. In the recent past, I have deliberately cut down playing such roles," said Brahmi to Brahmin Sangham leaders who appealed him not to be part of the films which degrade their community.

In a major setback to Mohan Babu, the committee appointed by state government to review the film has declared that there are few objectionable scenes in the film. "We have seen the film and discussed thoroughly about the objectionable dialogues, scenes and song sequences in it. A report will be submitted to the government on Sunday," says a committee member.

Brahmin community heads have demanded a ban on the film for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments. Seems like, the controversy may come to an end now with few cuts based on suggestions of committee.