Why No One Is Saving Mega Brother?

March 8th, 2013, 04:00 PM IST
Why No One Is Saving Mega Brother?

Family members should always come to the rescue of their weakened member, and this is what we see in Bollywood regularly. But here in Telugu industry nothing of sort seems to be happening for our Mega brother.

To make the point straight, most people are still thinking if Mega Brother Nagababu has really come out of the losses of 'Orange' movie. While couple of good gestures by Charan and Pawan at that time are highly appreciated, one wonders why both these star-heroes are not even doing a single movie for him now. Baabai and Abbai are in super form now, and this is the right time for them to give a big commercial hit to Nagababu by giving their dates. We have to see if that is going to happen in near future or not.

Otherwise, Nagababu might be waiting for the entry of his son Varun Tej, such that he himself can make movies and recover his previous losses. That's all for now about this mega brother!

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