First Look: Gopi Chand's 'Sahasam'

April 11th, 2013, 01:35 PM IST
First Look: Gopi Chand's 'Sahasam'

Here is action hero Gopi Chand back with a bang with the latest poster of his upcoming movie 'Sahasam'. This is an unexpected move from our mass-action hero on the eve of Ugadi and here goes a talk about it.

Funny name 'Jack Pot' was the first title considered for this movie which is being sculpted by talented director Chandrasekhar Yeleti. However, the name 'Sahasam' perfectly suits the bill and our hero's entry on a horse is raising the expectations bar. People are expecting some high octane action from Gopi Chand in this flick as he is not able to given that in his last few flicks. His fans are expecting him to come back with a thunder through this movie.

Apart from Gopichand's stunning presence, sizzling Taapsee's cute charisma is going to make this flick much more beautiful. After a long time music director Sri is composing tunes and we have to see how will they enthrall audience.

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