Iddarammayilatho Audio Release Highlights

Iddarammayilatho Audio Release Highlights

One of the most stylish romantic entertainer Tollywood has ever seen is now going to hit the marquee soon. As part of starting the celebration, the music of this flick is released and here goes the dazzling updates about Iddarammayilatho Audio Release!

Crazy director Puri Jagan is the first to come to the venue along with the venue while other celebs including Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Devi Sri Prasad, V V Vinayak, Dil Raju, Koratala Shiva, Vamsi Paidipally followed him. Producer Bandla Ganesh made it a sparkling event while anchor Suma made it more dazzling with her vocal efforts.

Speaking at the occasion, comedy King Brahmanandam shared that he too has shaken his leg along with Bunny in this flick. 'I'm excited to be part of a song, though I can't dance like Bunny. Get ready to watch this blockbuster', said Brahmi.

Producer Dil Raju feels that there are no words and there is no need to talk about this blockbuster. 'Maatallevy Maaltukotaaalu lev..' is what he said.

Both the dazzling divas Amala Paul and Catherine Tresa praised Bunny as a fabulous co-star, while crediting thanks to their director sir Puri. Amala wished newcomer Katherine all the best,  while Katherine complimented Amala for being a good friend.

Devi Sri Prasad has spoken more with his instruments and on-stage acts rather giving any lecture. But he asked Bunny to wear smile always as our hero is seriously sitting when is performing. Anyway that happened on a funny note.

Director Vinayak assured that Bandla Ganesh is going to become a big producer for Mega fans in the near future. Because he feels Ganesh will make many films with mega heroes. He wished the whole team for success.

Producer Bandla Ganesh as usual went to that exaggerated side to praise Mega heroes and Mega fans. 'Bunny is known for laying golden eggs for producer. If someone wants to cut this golden goose then he will throw us way. But I want to make films with him every two years and take those golden eggs home' says an excited Ganesh. He added that Pawan is his God, Chiru is lord and Charan is small boss.

Director Puri Jagan praised Bunny for his sincerity and hard work despite coming from a big family. 'I wish my son would become a Bunny one day. Otherwise I'll send him to Allu Arvind's house to learn that discipline', feels Puri, adding that this film would become a blockbuster for sure.

Mega Powerstar Ram Charan made the speech simpler by complimenting the whole team with good words. 'Bunny is a crazy dancer, fighter, hero and brother. Puri is another crazy guy with lots of energy. To this crazy combo, other craziness joined in the name of Devi Sri. So this flick is going to become another blockbuster for sure', asserted Charan in his simple speech.

What catches the breath and nerve of every Mega fan and movie lovers is the speech given by Bunny aka stylish hero aka Allu Arjun. 'Every hero always congratulates the whole team in all audio function. It is because a hero is lucky to get all name and fame, but the work of 300 workers is behind it. That is why every hero should thank all these people from bottom of their heart at these occasions', stressed Bunny in an emotional tone.

Also Bunny thanked Mega fans saying that he remembers what he is 10 years back and where he is standing now, and all this because of Mega fans only. 'If our (mega heroes) movie is release, it is Chiranjeevi fans who first watch and who are responsible for tearing that first ticket. Whether it is flop or hit, Mega fans watch it for sure and praise hero. So I always owe my life to Mega fans', added Bunny, sending fans into cheers.

That's all for now from Iddarammayilatho audio release function, and more exciting articles along with audio-review of this flick are going to come soon. Watch this space!