Puri's Satire On Media Costing Him Dear

May 31st, 2013, 04:00 PM IST
Puri's Satire On Media Costing Him Dear

Director Puri Jagan is always having this grudge on media and that is why he throws witty satires on the 'fourth estate' whenever possible. After his direct knocks on media in many films, here comes his latest take.

Apparently, the film 'Iddarammayilatho' starts with a satire on media. A minister who is about to give send off to his daughter is caught by media midway and they asks him all those logic less questions.  Apparently when the ministers says that he will give send off to his daughter and come back to answer them, some journalist immediately asks why the minister's daughter is going abroad all of a sudden. The minister then asks media people not to talk all rubbish as they like and asks them to behave properly. This scene is heard not doing well with some 'sensation' liking media houses and they are on a revenge mode now.

The big talk is that some media houses are deliberately declaring Iddarammayilatho as a flop flick, as a reaction to Puri's bitter comments. We have to see where this will end.

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