Upasna's 'Fitness' In Discussion

June 2nd, 2013, 06:00 AM IST
Upasna's 'Fitness' In Discussion

The more someone appears in media, the  more the focus light will be pulled towards them. Right now, Megastar's daughter-in-law became talk everywhere and there is a discussion about her business too.

Upasna Kamineni is the girl we are talking about, and she became a celeb overnight after marrying her long time love, Mega Powerstar Ram Charan. However she is not very much in focus these days, but after her repeated presence alongside Charan in  many events these days made her a sought after name. Some say that Upasna earns more than what Charan earns and that is through her fitness business. Apparently Upasna runs Apollo Fitness Centre, a subsidiary of Apollo group, where her family is having major stakes. With Upasna getting big clientele, there are comparisons now about her earning and Charan's earning. Otherwise, there is nothing like wife earning more, or hubby earning less.

On the flip side, some interesting news is that Upasna is focusing on media and cinema businesses too. Maybe soon she will don a hat to producer her husband's movies or may launch a TV channel too.

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