Aunty's Satire On Denikaina Ready Fiasco

June 3rd, 2013, 09:00 AM IST
Aunty's Satire On Denikaina Ready Fiasco

'A Brahman lady calls someone as his husband, and goes tipsy topsy when that guy responds to her'. This happened in the film 'Denikaina Ready' featuring Manchu Vishnu and we all know the fiasco that happened after that.

In the movie, hot aunty Surekha Vani played the role of Brahmin wife who responds differently (say naughtily) for the calls of Brahmi. However, few people from Brahmin community have made a knock of it and protested so heavily that the issue became a fire in the state. Coming to the satire part, once again Surekha Vani  is playing the role of same Brahmin lady and is busy throwing satire. In the film 'Balupu', our hot aunty is seen in a Brahmin lady getup and says that if she calls someone as a mirage of her husband, the sentiments of few people are getting hurt. We have to see how the protesters who made lots of hungama earlier will now react to this scene.

Mass Raja's Balupu is going to be  a mixture of all masala elements including double meaning jokes, punch dialogues and glamorous skin shows. Watch this space for updates.

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