No Doubt! Boyapati Should Change

June 4th, 2013, 08:00 PM IST
No Doubt! Boyapati Should Change

Yet again, Boyapati has held a mike nearer to his mouth and fired some hardcore dialogues. This time, he hasn't said any dialogue from his movies, but something about his movies and stories. Check this out.

Any kid will analyze what is Boyapati doing with Telugu film industry. All his movies including Bhadra, Tulasi, Simha and Dammu have one thing in common. A caring family, a powerful hero, a specially designed weapon and a couple of mass songs are ingredients of Boyapati's movies. Never, our director has tried to attempt something  new and only faction stuff are enhanced in his flicks. The other day Boyapati mentioned that even his latest movie with Balayya is going to be on same lines, few irritated journalists asked him why he can't make something new.

Miffed by the question, Boyapati supported his stories and movies saying that they reflect the true Indian culture and values of families. If Boyapati is really thinking that his films are reflecting culture, then it is time for him to 'change'.

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