Best Lip Lock in South

February 23rd, 2014, 09:00 AM IST
Best Lip Lock in South

South heroines often stay away from lip locks and if at all the 'scene demands', they opt for camera gimmicks. But when it is with Bollywood heroines, they don't have any objections and they made it as easy as they use a lipstick.

Almost all Bollywood heroines have lips kissed in a movie or the other and it has become very common and usual in Bollywood movies these days, thanks to Hollywood. Having her base in Bollywood, Vaani Kapoor gave her best in a lip kiss with Nani for Aaha Kalyanam.

The scene has come really well as Vaani Kapoor kissed Nani's lips so tight like a french one and Nani too gave up his objections for this and enjoyed the kiss. Not very often we see such kisses in South and the response for this lip lock is so good, calling it one of the best lip kisses in south. Let two or three more heroines come down to south from Bollywood to make our heroines say 'tata' to their boundaries.

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