Khaidi Public Response: Ram Charan Nothing Before Chiranjeevi

Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan might be father and son off screen. But it has least affect on movie audience from drawing comparisons with one another.

Especially when Chiru, Charan danced together in Khaidi No. 150, people didn't spare and commented that Charan is no match to Chiru in dances.

In Gulte Public Opinion, movie audience who watched the film have on record said that Ram Charan is nothing in front of Chiru though both danced well.

What Class Audiences Said:

It's Chiru's show all the way. Audiences heaped praises on Chiru's dance moves, fights and action scenes and lauded Chiru for doing them with ease even at this age (61).

Unanimously they keep saying 'Boss is Back'. From men to women, boys to girls in unison said Chiru stole the thunder.

Few also talked about how the movie is giving good message to society about farmers and their plight.

What Mass Audiences Said:

Mass crowd didn't mince words at all. They have shown their devotion on Chiru and few were seen even saying 'Power Star is nothing before Chiranjeevi'. For Masses, Chiru is demigod and they have expressed it in all forms.

Few die-hard fans even resorted to abuse the other movies that are clashing with Chiru movie and openly said no one could stand before Chiru's storm.

At one point, it wasn't easy to control them as they went berserk seeing cameras and keep saying 'Boss is Back'.

What Critics said:

Critics felt that the film was good watch for fans who have been waiting to see Chiru to shake legs, or flex his muscles or deliver punch dialogues. But on story front, critics expressed mixed opinion. Especially they found fault with few scenes, climax portions that they called 'predictable'.

On the whole, no matter what one say - class or mass or critics, all that matter is the Box Office numbers. So, just wait and see.