He Is Doing Wonders With Tolly Celebs

He Is Doing Wonders With Tolly Celebs

Fitness consciousness among youths has evolved very rapidly in the past few years and this has become an inseparable part of celebs' lives. If Heroes are targeting for six packs, eight packs etc. the gorgeous heroines are working double hard to achieve those smoldering curves. With everyone aiming to look as fit as possible, the fitness trainers are in huge demand.

Guess who the most wanted fitness guru for our Telugu film hero and heroines? Its Kuldep Sethi, a well-experienced fitness trainer. As per his FB profile, 'he is a ACSM (American College of Sports medicine) certified trainer and IKFF(International kettlebell fitness federation) certified a Parkour Fitness Specialist'.

Sethi is the most sought after trainer in tollywood. He is the who trained the likes of Kalyanram Nandamuri and Aadhi to achieve six packs. He is also the personal trainer of Sai Dharam Tej and Varun Tej. He also trains hot ladies Lavanya Tripathi, Raashi Khanna and Pragya Jaiswal among others.

Kalyanram's six pack in very short span for 'Ism', the once-buxom beauty Raashi Khanna looking slim and sexy etc. are some of the accomplishments of Sethi. 

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