At 24, She Debuted As Beautiful Mother

At 24, She Debuted As Beautiful Mother

Actress Pragathi is known for her mother roles in Telugu films and she's one of those highly paid character artists as well who charges lakhs per day. But her turn to mother role after trying her stint as heroine in Tamil films makes us surely wonder in awe.

Though Pragathi is against going glamorous for films, she acted in seven Tamil films including Bhagyaraja's Veetla Visheshanga as leading lady. Then she got married and turned to TV serials at the age of 24. Somehow for unknown reasons, Suresh Productions has decided to cast this actress as a mother to the then 18-year-old Aarti Agarwal in "Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu" movie.

As Pragathi has seen that her chances as heroine are totally closed, now that she's both married and acting in TV serials, senior actress Sri Vidya persuaded her to pick up this chance which could help her settle as a character actress. Half-heartedly she agreed to don the beautiful mother's hat and then rest is history.

Pragathi enjoyed playing mother to Aarti then, later she played the same role to Allu Arjun in Gangotri and Ram Charan in Chirutha as well. Sharing her thoughts, she says that life is not about what we plan but accepting the things coming to us. Till date she acted in 80+ films.


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