Trade: Shocking Losses To Distributors

Trade: Shocking Losses To Distributors

Is nagarjuna akkineni's 'On namo venkatesaya' heading towards becoming the biggest disaster of the actor's career? Probably yes, say trade reports.

After taking a shockingly low opening at box office, the devotional film never really took off. If the opening weekend numbers were dismal, the KRR directorial performed much worse in the week days.

As per trade reports, ONV collected around 7.3 Cr worldwide share in its opening week.

Below is the area wise breakup of share:

Nizam - 189 lacs

Ceded - 88 lacs

Nellore - 27.5 lacs

Guntur - 64.3 lacs

Krishna - 35.72 lacs

West - 36.5 lacs

East - 40.9 lacs

Uttharandhra - 71.5 lacs

Total 1st week AP & TG share 5.54cr

Karnataka - 115 lacs
Remaining - 60 lacs (approx)

Total 1st week WORLDWIDE share 7.29cr

From hereon, even 10 Cr share in lifetime looks too much to ask for. As 35 Cr was invested on theatrical rights, ONV could end up as a bigger disaster than nag's earlier epic failures - Bhai and Kedi.

It's sad to see the hard work of the ONV unit yielding no fruitful result and resulting in shocking losses to distributors.

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