Students Worship Heroine To Lose Virginity

Students Worship Heroine To Lose Virginity

Does anybody believe this? Few students are worshipping anyone of a heroine every year on Valentines Day such that they could find a partner in 6 months and lose virginity in 1 year. Yes, it is happening.

Single students from Hindu College in Delhi are said to have undertaken a strange ceremony to lose their virginity. After conducting a poll, the hostel residents of this college have picked Loafer fame beauty Disha Patani over Nargis Fakhri, and adored a tree named 'virgin tree' with her sexy pictures. Later they worshipped her for an hour holding special pujas, Archana and haarathi as well.

Some people who know this happening revealed that every year first-year students of college perform this ritual on Valentines Day with a belief that they will find a partner soon and also lose their virginity. Only virgin boys are allowed to take part in this ritual, the source added.

"Every year we pick a heroine and make her or Damdami Mai and worship her. This year our seniors picked Disha Patani for us and we took part in the ritual" a student commented when a National TV channel interviewed them.

In the age where science is advancing like never before, one wonders what is this stupid belief in the name of losing virginity.

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