Don't Kiss His Daughter, But He Will Kiss Heroines?

Don't Kiss His Daughter, But He Will Kiss Heroines?

Don't Kiss His Daughter, But He Will Kiss Heroines?Sometimes Superstars need to be completely aware of what they are speaking and what message they are giving through their comments. Currently, King Khan is facing severe criticism for what he practices and what he preaches. After watching Jab Harry Met Sejal, many cinema lovers are blasting Shahrukh for his double standards.

Recently in a media interaction, SRK stated that he will cut the lips of any boy who tries to or who kisses his daughter Suhana. Though he didn't clarify if he's talking about the onscreen kiss or off-screen kiss, he maintained that he won't spare the guy no matter for what he kisses her. But in the latest movie Jab Harry Met Sejal, he did an unthinkable act that stunned everyone.

51-year-old Shahrukh is seen locking lips with 29-year-old Anushka Sharma for the movie. In the final climax episode, they take the side of a lawn to do this passionate act. And if King Khan could do this, why not any hero kiss his daughter is the real question being asked by many.

Forget his daughter episode, even SRK being a 51-year-old star is not convincing when he locks lips with such a younger heroine. When his co-stars are performing roles that have huge connect, Khan is still feeling like a lover boy whose acts will be applauded by all. But not!!

Aug 05, 2017 షారుఖ్ సినిమా.. అనుకున్నంతా అయ్యింది గత కొన్నేళ్లలో ఏ షారుఖ్ సినిమాకు లేనంత తక్కువ బజ్‌తో రిలీజైన సినిమా 'జబ్ హ్యారీ మెట్ సెజాల్'. మామూలుగా షారుఖ్ సినిమా అంటే ఎంత హంగామ… View Full Article

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