Rana Escapes From Teja's Slap

Rana Escapes From Teja's Slap

Teja is one uncompromising director who strive to extract quality output from actors and he will go to great lengths to achieve it. The maverick filmmaker even slapped his actors to yield the result he wanted.

Young actors like Uday Kiran, Nithin and others who worked with director Teja at start of their career, took a slap on their face. Beating has later become a routine in all of his films.

As soon as Teja announced his new film with Rana Daggubati, everyone wondered how he'd handle the star actor by putting aside his conventional way of directing. But, now that he has finished the filming part, what he had to say about Bhallala Deva? - Read on...

'Rana is an intellectual artist who can get into the skin of any character effortlessly. He proved it in Baahubali as well. For Nene Raju Nene Manthri, he lived the role of Jogendra on shooting sets as well. When I narrate a scene to Rana, he goes back home and comes up with the right attitude and behavior the role needed in scene,' said Teja by leaving to us that Rana didn't give him a chance to follow his usual norm of slapping. Also, given the fact that film was bankrolled by Rana's father Suresh Babu, Teja wouldn't dare to slap the actor.

Also featuring Kajal Aggarwal, NNRM is slated for release on 11th of August. Both director Teja and producer Suresh Babu are pretty confident about the success of this political thriller despite two other releases on the same day.

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