Trade: Power Of LIE In Class Areas

Trade: Power Of LIE In Class Areas

Nithiin, Hanu Raghavapudi and 14 Reels Lie has clocked in Rs 2.08 Crore share in the Telugu states. The film has received good start in A centres and multiplexes. But it trailed behind the other releases in B and C centres. The film garnered good response in the US as well.   

Interestingly, latest reports indicate that the film has picked up from Saturday (Today). The second day figures are reportedly higher and this is raising hopes on the film's run at the Box Office. Also, producers have upped the promotions which in turn expected to garner good numbers in the coming days.

Below is area-wise break up of Lie collections in the Telugu States.

Lie Day 1 Share (Area-Wise)

Nizam - 81,00,000

Ceded - 25,00,000

Nellore - 6,00,000

Guntur - 17,00,000

Krishna - 17,00,000

West - 11,00,000

East - 21,00,000

Uttharandhra - 30,00,000

Total 1st day AP & TG Share - 2.08 Crore

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