Puri's Paisa Vasool Package : 30 Cr + GST

Puri's Paisa Vasool Package : 30 Cr + GST

Puri Jagannadh has reportedly charged a bomb to Paisa Vasool producer. Allegedly, Puri & co have taken an exorbitant sum of Rs 30 Crore + GST as package that includes Puri's remuneration and fees of all actors, technicians worked for the film excluding the fee of Balakrishna.

Barring Shriya Saran, the film doesn't have any noted actor who needs to pay much. The two female actresses Musskin, Kyra Dutt are newcomers and hence, they don't get much. In fact, Puri's team has hired Anoop as music composer who would not demand much.

Apparently, Puri and Charmi's Puri Connects was the backbone for the film who executed the whole production of the film including finalizing the shooting locations and their costs. Except Portugal, the film doesn't boast any other picturesque locale.

As per the insiders, the whole Paisa Vasool has costed Rs 45 Crore for producer. While Puri & co charged Rs 30 Crore and GST, Balayya charged another Rs 10 Crore. Including miscellaneous charges, the film said to have wrapped up within Rs 45 Crore.

Since Paisa Vasool is immediate film after Balayya's Gauthamiputra Satakarni, producer was hopeful of raking in moolah. In fact, the film was sold out to buyers and producer too made enough money before its release and played it safe. However, it is buyers who would pay the heavy price. Going by the present trend, the film would end up as a colossal flop.

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