Rana Reveals Dark side of Social Media

Rana Reveals Dark side of Social Media

Actor Rana Daggubati has been exploring different ways to entertain the audience along with movies. After making his debut as a host with No1 Yaari with Rana, the actor is now making his debut with a web series named Social.

The web series has been launched today officially and Rana revealed that all stories cannot be made as films. Every story has its place and should be told in the right way and on the right platform said Rana.
'Not all the stories are meant to be told on big screen. After working for Social, I understood the medium better. We have no restrictions for short films and web series, they can be told in our own style. Audience turned busy and we are here to entertain them on different mediums' says Rana.

'Social, shows the darker side of social media and everyone will get related. It is not about showcasing it in a bad way and Social has a strong message for everyone'.

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