Kusa Teaser: 'Kotteyadamtho patu Kottadam kooda vachura'

Teaser: Kusa, the Enteratining Thief

The makers of NTR's "Jai Lava Kusa" have unveiled the teaser introducing Kusa, the third principle character from the film, and he looks to be the most entertaining character of the three.

While Jai is a menacing character having negative shades, Lava is an innocent and pleasant character. Kusa seems to be someone in between the other two. He is neither as good as Lava nor as ruthless as Jai. 'Kotteyadamtho patu Kottadam kooda vachura' dialogue summarizes the character of Kusa, a street-smart thief.

NTR has used a different body language and dialogue modulation for Kusa so as to make the three characters look as diverse as possible.

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