How Bigg Boss Going To Help NTR!

How Bigg Boss Going To Help NTR!

When the organizers of Bigg Boss Telugu realty show signed NTR as their show's host, it was widely said that the show would benefit from the actor's popularity. Now, the same people are saying that NTR has reaped as much benefit with the show as it benefited because of him. To know the impact and luck factor of Bigg Boss, one needs to know a brief history of its Hindi version.

In the last decade, when SRK was ruling Bollywood and Aamir was making critically acclaimed but only decent box office earners, Salman Khan's stardom was on the brink with a spate of flops. Later, surprising many, he resurrected his career with 'Dabangg' in 2010 and eventually emerged the box office behemoth.

Aamir's films become huge blockbuster mainly because of the content Salman's films mint money mainly because of his stardom, indicating how big a star he is when compared to even SRK and Aamir.

So, how did Salman overturn his fortune? Those who have closely observed his career graph know that his success streak started in 2010 exactly in the year when he started hosting Bigg Boss Hindi. He has so far hosted six seasons and will host the new season too. Salman managed to grow close to family audiences as well as masses with the hugely successful Bigg Boss show, and this indirectly helped in the success of his films at box office.

The same is predicted to happen in the career of NTR too. He is already being praised as the 'Best Celebrity Host on TV' and the 'Best Entertainer'. The actor, who was known only for acting prowess, has marveled viewers with his spontaneity, sense of humor and vitality. The show has taken him closer to family audiences. NTR has made Bigg Boss No.1 show on TV. And, if the Bigg Boss luck factor works for him like it did in Salman's case, it won't be hard for NTR to emerge the No.1 in Tollywood.

The non-Baahubali record pre-release business of his new release, 'Jai Lava Kusa' is an indication that NTR's good time has started. The impact of Bigg Boss on NTR's career can be gauged with the result of JLK.

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