Producer Cheats Popular Hero?

Producer Cheats Popular Hero?

Once he is a popular comedian who subsequently turned hero. While initially he got good hits, but some of his bad choices pushed him into failures. Even though he enjoys good openings at Cinemas, all thanks to his mass image, even that took a beating due to his previous films.

Now, news is that one of his producers has cheated him and hasn't paid full remuneration that was originally promised. Allegedly, one of his upcoming films, the producer allegedly paid only 40 per cent of the film's remuneration to him so far. While the promised fee was over 3 Crore, the hero said to have received only a meagre 1.25 Crore-odd money. Allegedly, producer has put hands-up to hero over his fee. Since he is known for not bothering fee much, hero said to have given up on the remuneration.

What's more shocking is that the actor himself is paying from his own pocket for the film's publicity. Many in industry circuits are finding fault with the producer's attitude. Allegedly, even the film's hero and the director are regretting for working with the producer. Sometimes, one can't help themselves but become scapegoat.

Sep 13, 2017 జైలవకుశపై దిల్‌రాజు రిస్క్‌ ఎంతంటే? ఈ ఏడాది ఆరంభంలో నిర్మాతగా బిజీగా వున్న దిల్‌ రాజు ఇప్పుడు డిస్ట్రిబ్యూటర్‌గా తీరిక లేకుండా వున్నాడు. దసరాకి రిలీజ్‌ అవుతోన్న మూడ… View Full Article

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