Heroes And Heroines Buying Big Stones

Heroes And Heroines Buying Big Stones

From using latest gadgets like iPhone 7 to driving a Rangerover SUV vehicle, Tollywood always follows each other celebrity when it comes to emulating certain sentiments and stature defining acts. And that includes following some sentiments as if like a fetish.

Recently even Pawan Kalyan was spotted wearing two rings, each on the ring fingers of his two hands. While one is a gold ring etched with initials, the other one has a stone picked as per his horoscope. The likes of Rakul Preet are seen wearing a Kanaka Pushyagam stone on the index finger of their right hand. She is not leaving the ring even when she's acting for a film too. In some of her recent films like Rarandoi Veduka Choodam and Jaya Janaki Nayaka, she's seen sporting it. And that is being followed by other celebs as well.

Producer and actor Sachin Josi is also seen wearing a ring that got a big stone tucked into it. When asked about it, Sachin denied that it is a ring worn for the sake of horoscope and luck. "Actually my father asked me to wear this ring and as a sentiment, that my father asked me to wear it, I started wearing it," said Sachin during the promotions of his Veedevadu that is hitting cinemas on September 15th.

Similarly, another actor whose film is releasing on the same date, hero Sunil is also wearing such ring. A green colored stone (probably a pachha) in gold is being noticed on Sunil's fingers during Ungarala Rambabu promotions. Though he just laughed when asked about the ring, there is luck factor and astrology associated with it.

Following the suit, and taking advice from astrologers, many other heroes and heroines are wearing such big stones now. Check their fingers at public events in case if you have any doubts.

Sep 12, 2017 మహానటిపై పులిహోర కలిపేసారట సావిత్రిపై తీస్తోన్న బయోపిక్‌లో మహానటి పాత్ర పోషిస్తోన్న కీర్తి సురేష్‌ ఆ లుక్‌ బయటకి రాకుండా జాగ్రత్త పడుతోంది. ఈ చిత్రంపై తెలు… View Full Article

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