Dil Raju's Gambling With NTR, Pawan, Mahesh

Dil Raju's Gambling With NTR, Pawan, Mahesh

Dil Raju is undoubtedly the most happening producer-distributor in the Telugu film industry right now. This statement is well true, but it doesn't mean that he didn't have his share of setbacks. Raju has scored big hits and amassed huge profits with small films but when it comes to biggies, his luck has been pretty mixed. Is he playing another risky game with the biggies now?

Starting from the beginning of this year, it has been only smiles for him on professional front. His small and medium budget productions - Shatamanam Bhavathi, Nenu Local and Fidaa have become blockbusters, and he reportedly earned decent profits with biggie DJ too. Trade analysts say that he has earned around 50-60 Cr profit so far this year. Now, he has reportedly put all that money at stake on the upcoming biggies.

Dil Raju is releasing SPYder and PK25 in Nizam, and Jai Lava Kusa in Nizam and Uttarandhra. For the Nizam rights of SPYder, he reportedly signed a whopping Rs 25 Cr deal on 'advance basis'. Hence, he won't have to worry if the film fails, but he may not get any profit even if the film succeeds as the deal amount is too huge.

For Jai Lava Kusa, Dil Raju coughed huge amounts to grab the rights. For Uttarandhra region, no distributor was willing to pay the approx. 8 Cr amount that the producer was quoting. Dil Raju then stepped in and snapped the rights for the quoted price. NTR's highest earner in Nizam area is 'Janatha Garage' which collected around 17 Cr share. Dil Raju however reportedly paid 20 Cr approx. for the rights as the producer was adamant on slashing the price.

And, he reportedly acquired the Nizam rights of PK25 for a staggering 30 Cr approx. The craze of Pawan Kalyan in this territory, Trivikram's brand value and the genre, Family Entertainer may have given him the confidence to bet such huge sum. But, what if the film bombs like Trivikram's Khaleja or Pawan's Sardaar?

Looking at the amounts Dil Raju has splurged for the rights of these upcoming biggies, which are releasing during festival holidays but amidst huge competition (SPYder vs JLK vs Mahanubhavudu for Dasara and PK25 vs 1 or 2 other biggies for Sankranthi 2018), trade analysts say that he may earn either peanuts as profits or lose large part of his investments.

Sep 13, 2017 ఆమె రేపిస్టుల‌నే ఇంట‌ర్వ్యూ చేస్తుంది మనం చిన్న దొంగతనం చేసినవాళ్లను చూస్తే దొంగలని భయపడిపోతాం. అక్కడి దాక ఎందుకు కొంచెం దురుసుగా, కోపంగా మాట్లాడేవాళ్లను చూస్తేనే వణి… View Full Article

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