Mahanubhavaa.. What's This Ticket Prices!

Mahanubhavaa..  What's This Ticket Prices!

'Mahanubhavudu' is the pick of this Dasara with the film registering a stunning success at the box office though the likes of Jai Lava Kusa and Spyder posed a big threat to it before the release. And then, the film made a startling amount of money, making the biggest ever opener in Sharawanand's career.

An interesting observation is that the film collected huge till date, not just because the film's content has enticed audiences but also the ticket prices are quite high. In a small town in Andhra Pradesh, Rs. 130/- is the price of ticket at an A/c theatre, while non A/c theatres are collecting nearly 100 rupees. Though the same is not printed on a ticket, they are collecting that much price at counters. At a time when multiplexes in Hyderabad do charge only 150 rupees, one wonders how come small-town theatres charge such high in the second week.

When checked, a theatre-management person revealed that rate was decided for first two weeks. Of course, government has given a provision to hike ticket prices only in the first week. Despite being a small budgeted movie involving a mid-level hero, how come Mahanubhavudu went for such a ticket hike even in towns and villages even in second week?

But as long as these films are providing 100% entertainment, it looks like audiences are also not bothered about the ticket rate hike. Buzz is that these soared ticket rates fuelled Mahanubhavadu to collect staggering 18+ crores 'share' in the first week alone.

Oct 10, 2017 ప్రభాస్‌కి ఇంకా చేతకాట్లేదు బాహుబలి లాంటి విజయం కానీ ఇండస్ట్రీలో మరే పెద్ద హీరోకి పడి వున్నా ఓ రేంజ్‌లో తమ స్థాయిని ఎలివేట్‌ చేసుకునేవారు. మంచి ఫాన్‌ బేస్‌ వు… View Full Article

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