Tamanna's Another Rain Song in Offing

Tamanna's Another Rain Song in Offing

Milky beauty Tamanna and Rain Song is arguably the hottest combination one can think of. Going by the latest reports, Telugu audience are going to witness another such super sexy rain song filmed on Tamanna.

The rain songs filmed on Tamanna in her earlier films such as 'Bengal Tiger', 'Racha', 'Badrinath' etc. are still the most loved songs of hers by fans. The impact that the milky beauty can create with her gyrations in rain is something that can only be watched and experienced and hard to put into words.

It is heard that the makers of Tamannah's upcoming film starring Kalyan Ram in lead role have picturized a super steamy rain song on the lead actors. Noted lyricist Anantha Sriram has reportedly penned the song that goes by - 'Chiniki chiniki valapu vaana thadi...' The song has recently been filmed and it has reportedly come out very well. Ace lensman PC Sreeram is canning this romantic entertainer so one can expect the rain song filmed on Tamanna to be one of the highlights of the film.

Senior Tamil film director Jayendra is directing this untitled film where Tamanna paired up with Kalyan Ram for the first time.

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