Are They Married Already???

Are They Married Already???

Some affairs continue to hog the limelight in rumour circles whether the truth could be really far from the actual. One such news is about this young hero who is said to be dating a lady from film industry.

Though she has nothing after her except a grand brand image, the way she manages certain things is always a topic in film circles. And we hear that she's said to be in love with this young hero.

Earlier there were rumours that these two are dating each other and living together, but the latest update is that they are already tied the knot. Rather the boy taking her lover to his new home, he is said to have recently shifted to her house, a palatial residence in upmarket Hyderabad.

Elders from both the families are said to be not interested in these two tying the knot because of some differences. But the two are continuing their happy journey, towards a happy ending, a source says.

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