Bikini Girls Getting Bikini Roles Only!!

Bikini Girls Getting Bikini Roles Only!!

The advent of social media is making many heroines shed their homely image on computer screens itself rather doing it on the silver screen. And doing such stuff is resulting them in bagging similar roles only.

Recently when the trailer of Sandeep Kishan's Manasuku Nachindi arrived, many are stunned to see the bikini avatar of Tridha Chowdary. This Bengali hottie has earlier appeared in Nikhil's Surya Vs Surya but flaunted her homely image. But in her second film, she has decided to jump into a two-piece look.

Going by her Instagram pictures, we have to say that ever since Tridha flaunted her two-piece looks from her various vacations in Goa, Capetown and Maldives, it looks like she's getting offers to repeat same stuff on the silver screen. Recently when Seerat Kapoor flaunted her curvaceous looks in bikinis and two-piece dresses, she immediately got signed for Raju Garu Gadhi and albeit for a similar role only.

It looks like bikini girls are getting bikini roles only. So if our hottie could try some different stuff with their social media appearances, then they might get different roles. What say, folks?

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