Anchor-Turned-Film Director Back to TV

Anchor-Turned-Film Director Back to TV

Ohmkar, probably the first male anchor to break the monopoly of female anchors' domination on Television, is gearing up to make his comeback to TV after a brief stint in the film industry.

After the release of 'Raju Gari Gadhi 2', his third feature film as a director, Ohmkar penned a sports backdrop subject and approached Bellamkonda Sreenivas. The project was heard to have materialized, but the latest reports suggest that it has been cancelled for unknown reasons.

Ohmkar is currently busy overseeing the pre-production work of a TV show, through which he will be staging his comeback to small screen as a Host. The reality show will be aired on Star MAA.

This can't be considered a permanent shift as Ohmkar has already dreamed to become a film director, and he will direct his next film once he pens a viable story and finds a producer.  

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