Naa Peru Surya Song Accidentally Leaked?

Naa Peru Surya Song Accidentally Leaked?

For an hour or so, mega fans started rejoicing with two mega treats enthralling them at the same time. One happens to be the 'Em Sakkagunnave' song from Rangasthalam and the other one is 'Lover Also Fighter Also' song from Allu Arjun's Naa Peru Surya movie.

Yes, Bunny's NPS song was supposed to release on Feb 14th, but accidentally a teaser version of the lyrical song was up and live on YouTube on Tuesday itself. Well prepared for the song launch, both NPS makers and their music partner Aditya Music has uploaded the song and kept it under private mode before actually releasing it to the public. But shockingly, the song got onto live mode and got leaked with few fans finding it.

By the time Rangasthalam's melody composed by Devi Sri Prasad started doing rounds, this song created by Vishal-Sekhar for Allu Arjun and Anu Emmanuel's romance started doing rounds. The teasing continued for an hour and then the makers identified the glitch and deactivated the link. Before that, nearly four thousand people already felt the vibes of the song.

Some mega fans felt that maybe the makers should have released Naa Peru Surya song as well as that would have given a double kick to them. Okay, in a few hours, Bunny's song will be officially released anyway.

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