Samantha To Do A Namrata For Chay

Samantha To Do A Namrata For Chay

Of late, many star heroes' wives are handling their professional matters. Mahesh is well known for signing insignificant movies due to obligations. But his career skyrocketed ever since his wife Namrata took over his professional responsibilities. She gets major credit for lining up crazy projects for Mahesh with start directors and banners.

Namrata played a crucial role in Mahesh becoming the numero uno Tollywood star for brand endorsements. Whenever a star hero's movie fails at the box office, producers pressurise them to refund a portion of their remuneration to compensate their losses. But Namrata is quite strict with Mahesh's producers in this regard, irrespective of his movies' box office results.

And very soon, Samantha is going to do the same for her husband Naga Chaitanya. Sam is determined to see Chay enter into the top league of Tollywood stars and has decided to personally scrutinize all the projects Chay will be signing in future.

Tollywood grapevine is abuzz that Sam will cut down on her own projects and concentrate more on Naga Chaitanya's movies. She will also play a major role in all Annapurna Studios' future predictions. Well, let's hope that Sam's efforts will pay off big time.

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