Trivikram Using NTR To Help Agnyaathavasi Buyers

Trivikram Using NTR To Help Agnyaathavasi Buyers

After being sold for more than 85+ crores, Pawan Kalyan's Agnyaathavasi resulted in huge losses as the film struggled to score at the box office. Owing to the flop show on themselves, Pawan, Trivikram and producer Chinababu have returned almost 20+ crores to the distributors anyway.

They say that though Trivikram and Co have returned some money, still there are some minor losses. For that reason, Trivikram wants to do the next round of help to Agnyaathavasi distributors now. Actually "Aravinda Sametha" is the next big project coming from Trivikram and Chinababu's stable, and they want this film to be given to Pawan's film distributors only.

While the film is getting lucrative offers from big companies for a total sell out of the theatrical rights, Trivikram is not keen on doing it, a source revealed. The likes of UTV and Reliance once again want to test Telugu waters and they gave an irresistible offer to Aravinda Sametha makers, offering a staggering price for the films rights, such that the producer will get 30+ crore table profits.

Despite such offers coming their way, Trivikram wants to make sure that Agnyaathavasi distributors will be releasing their latest movie and taste some profits. Seems like the director wants to win the confidence of distribution circles rather pocketing profits from corporate giants.

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