C-Feeling Affects C-Values Of Tollywood

June 6th, 2012, 10:00 PM IST
C-Feeling Affects C-Values Of Tollywood

When other film industries in the country are showing their distinctness with some applauded art-flicks, Tollywood is still falling behind. Our directors are still sleeping in the same old cocoon to take our industry back to 20 years.

Each filmmaker is only having Commercial-Feelings for his subject and this is taking its toll on the Creative-Values of final output. We are not coming out of Racha, Dammu and Gabbar Singh to showcase our versatile film making talent. On the other hand Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam circuits are plunging ahead with art-movies that are successful at Box Office. Is it lack of Creative talent or a feeling that only Commercial-movies will work at Box Office, which is pulling the leg of our directors is something to be known. 'There is no scope for sentiment and artistic subjects these days. Only comedy and glamour are doing well with audiences', says ace producer Ramanaidu.

But, critics are saying that directors are not coming up with stunning scripts to enthral audiences. They say that Tollywood is depending on comedy and glamour to score hits, but not audience, as they like all kinds of movies.

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