Mahesh upset with losses Rumors

June 8th, 2012, 12:00 PM IST
Mahesh upset with losses Rumors

We all know that Businessman is a successful film which made a theatrical business of Rs. 40 crore. Add audio, video and satellite rights to that, the film has made more than fifty crore rupees. How can one call it a loss venture? How could a producer lose money on such a hugely successful film?

Rumors have been making rounds that RR Movie Makers lost money in Mahesh Babu's Businessman. This is due to the share taken by Puri and Mahesh Babu it seems! As per the agreement Mahesh or Puri would get the share in profits, which would be shared after the film completes it run in theaters. RR Movie Makers distributed the film in most of the areas besides producing it.

So they can't simply give away the share of Puri and Mahesh after first week. Five months after the release calling a successful film a loss venture is just baseless rumor. This is upsetting Mahesh fans as well as the star that stays in constant touch with fans and the day to day happenings.

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