Ram Angry On Director for Heroine

June 9th, 2012, 06:00 AM IST
Ram Angry On Director for Heroine

Energetic hero Ram who has been known for his strong screen presence and high energy levels in terms of performance is reportedly miffed with one director. He is none other than montage king Karunakaran and the reason for that is the latest release 'Endukante Premanta'.

Apparently, news is that Ram felt his role was quite underplaying and he is reportedly angry with Karunakaran for giving a bigger scope for the leading lady Tamannah. Reports are arriving that after the movie, the milky white beauty is being remembered for her presence and character and not Ram.

So far, the film has been getting a mixed reaction from the critics and audience. But there are those who say the real picture will be known once this weekend passes. But if Ram's character has gone down in graph as compared to Tamannah then it could work as a negative for the film.

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