Chiranjeevi realizes the need of the hour

June 22nd, 2012, 11:57 AM IST
Chiranjeevi realizes the need of the hour

Megastar Chiranjeevi has undoubtedly lost some craze and following after he stepped into politics. He was the undisputed king when he was in cinema field. Politicians used to fear that Chiranjeevi would float a party sometime and that would be fatal for them. All those myths have been blown away with Chiru's mega debacle in the political arena.

Incidentally, his political failures started to show adverse affects on his craze as a film star. Chiranjeevi is not getting good reception from mega fans even. He is already feeling the heat as mega fans are cheering for Pawan even when Chiru is speaking. They are paying deaf ear to boring Chiru speeches and demanding for Pawan Kalyan's presence and speeches. Megastar has been handling this issue in a fine manner, but also realized the need of the hour.

Chiranjeevi needs to do something extraordinary to win back the lost glory. He has to either rise from the ashes in politics or comeback strongly in film industry to prove that none of the current crop of heroes could match up with him. As per the buzz, Chiranjeevi is planning to do a high budget film in which he would play a powerful role. He wants this film to increase his stature in political field as well as impress the fans that have been losing interest in him of late. It would be a nice idea if Chiranjeevi really implements it. Isn't it?

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