Who Will Rescue 'Gabbar Singh' Director?

July 11th, 2012, 04:12 PM IST
Who Will Rescue 'Gabbar Singh' Director?

Harish Shankar, who is walking, running and jumping on cloud nine, has a sudden upset today. We have to see who will rescue this talented director now.

The 'Gabbar Singh' director is all set to direct Jr.NTR in his next movie. This movie is said to be a production venture jointly partnered by Kodali Nani and another prominent producer. With Nani splitting ways from NTR, now Harish has fallen in a big dilemma about this movie. Though numerous people will run with cash-suitcases to catch the dates of NTR-Harish combo, the director is still a bit worried, says a source.

Cine lovers say that Harish is not the man who gets disturbed with such alarming obstacles. By the time NTR returns from 'Baadshah' shoot, no doubt this director will get another big producer to finish his flick with young tiger.

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