| | 2011-11-03

Ajay, Havish, Prasad, Yami Gautam, Remya Nambeesan, Sarayu, Ravi Babu, Haleem, Sudhakar Raju, master Atulith, Radha Kumari, Vijay Sai, Lakshmi Bhargavi and others

Director - Ravi Babu
Producer - Ramoji Rao
Banner - Usha Kiron Movies
Music - Shekar Chandra


A tale of three youngsters, the story is about Anand (ajay) who takes a break after intermediate to make up his mind as he is confused most of the times. Mahesh (havish) is an aspiring model and hopes to become famous. Fidel Raja (prasad) is a talented violinist and he wants to work with big music directors. While those are their dreams, they all join the same pizza joint and become good friends. Meanwhile, Anand falls in love with Archana (yami) while Prasad marries Rani (remya) the girl he hates the most. As for Mahesh, he has a breakup with his girlfriend Madhavi (sarayu) but is chased by a gay (haleem). What happens from there forms the rest of the story.

Artist performances:

Ajay has given a good performance and suits the role rightly. Havish was hilarious and his dialogue delivery brings smiles. Prasad was the most entertaining with his body language, expressions and acting. Yami Gautam was wonderfully pretty and she has a strong chance to make it big. Remya Nambeesan is sensuous and sweet. Sarayu was glamorous and had a brief role. Ravi Babu brought few light moments. Sudhakar Raju was matured. The others also gave a good contribution.

Plus points:


Minus points:

Ajay-Yami track conclusion is not right
Second half gets slow
Production values


If it is a film from the banner of Ramoji Rao then it has to be on a tight budget and one can be sure that the locations will not go beyond Ramoji film city. Luckily, the film works in terms of content and the pace with which it runs. There is not an idle moment for the audience and there is good balance of comedy and emotion. The first half is good and the interval bang is predictable. The second half gets into a bit of emotional twists and though the climax looks abrupt, it lands smoothly. At the box office, this project will surely be a commercial success.

Verdict: Youthful treat, one time watcher