| | 2012-02-10

Sudhir Babu, Regina, Rohini, Vennela Kishore, Vinay Mohan, Kasi Viswanadh, Hemanth, Subbaraju, Tagubothu Ramesh and others

Director - Tatineni Satya
Producer - Vikram Raju
Banner - Super Good Films & Vega Entertainments
Music - Selva Ganesh


An alright tale, the story begins with Shiva (Sudhir) who sees Shruti (Regina) in a train journey and falls for her. He lies that he is an army officer and Shruti also lies that she is an airhostess. But at later point, both discover their true identities and from then on, they try their best to pull each other down. In this process, Shruti begins to get attracted to Shiva and falls in love with him. But when the time comes for Shruti to confess her love, the acts of Shiva make her hate him. Does Shiva get back Shruti's love? Will Shruti give another chance? All this forms the rest of the story.

Artist performances:  

Sudhir Babu has come up with a positive performance and he has shown his mettle. Regina looks specially beautiful and her expressions are very appealing. Vennela Kishore was hilarious and gave light moments. Rohini was a bit annoying. Kasi Viswanadh made his presence felt. The actor Vinay Mohan doing Sudhir's friend's role was excellent. Hemanth was brief but good. The others didn't have much to offer.

Plus points:

First half
Picturization of songs

Minus points:

Conflicting characterization of hero
Editing jerks
Unconvincing narrative during second half
Weak production values


The film is the remake of the Tamil movie 'SMS (Siva Manasula Sakthi)' and given the nativity of that film, the remake is quite tuned. However, there seems to be a one-sided perspective to the whole aspect of the hero-heroine relationship. Moreover, the projection of the protagonist in a rugged way is alright but the transformation part also has to be convincing. That was missing. Though the subject chosen was entertaining, it was the execution which didn't go smooth at all times. The lack of branded actors would be another disadvantage for the film. At the box office, it could scrape through to safe zone.

Verdict : Just okay..