| | 2013-02-22

Siddarth, Samantha, Nitya Menen and others

Director - Nandini Reddy
Producer - Bellamkonda Ganesh
Banner - Sri Sai Ganesh Productions
Music - SS Thaman

Ala Modalaindi fame Nandini Reddy's second film Jabardasth is out in theaters now. With the Golden girl Samantha in the lead, this film has raised some expectations among the young audience. Did Nandini deliver goods this time?

What is it about?

Sreya (Samantha) is an ambitious girl who wants to become a big event manager. She teams up with an aimless guy Byrraju (Siddharth) and both of them start an event management agency, which clicks big time. When everything is going out well, differences crop up between them and they separate. They fall apart and the business comes down. Rest of the story is about how the couple reunites.


Siddharth has done very less characters of this type. This is quite different from his usual type of roles. Here he needs to look and act like a 'brute'. But Siddharth is too sophisticated for this role. It was not easy for him to step in to the shoes of Byrraju. His efforts are there, but the result is not up to the mark. Maybe Sid should stay away from such roles and concentrate more on what suits him the best. Samantha is beautiful and her performance is alright. Nitya Menen's cameo is very interesting. She did well in her brief role. Sayaji Shinde's role isn't that effective. Srihari's character is nor properly etched. The team members of Sam and Sid's business are fine. Rest of them did neat job as per the requirement.

On the Technical Front:

Thaman's music is fine up to some extent. Few songs were picturized with interesting concepts. Songs are better on screen than on audio. Alla Alla and Lashkar Pori songs stands out. Visually Nithya Menen's song is good. Background score is good. Editing is okay and cinematography is adequate. Dialogues are mediocre.

Nandini Reddy tried to repeat her first film's magic by narrating the story in an entertaining fashion. However, the director seemed like she didn't have grip over this subject. Screenplay is pretty poor with no proper connection between the scenes. Despite having a good plot on her hands, director messed it up with useless comedy. Even the performances are over the top most of the time. Nandini Reddy clearly missed the plot this time. Perhaps this may not be the output she aimed for.


Jabardasth is a blatant copy of Bollywood hit Band Baaja Baraat starring Ranvir Singh and Anushka Sharma. Nandini Reddy made few changes to suit to the tastes of our audiences, but most part of the script is heavily inspired/copied from the above mentioned film. Ranvir and Anushka took Banda Baaja to the next level with their excellent portrayal of characters as well as with their sparkling chemistry.

Here Siddharth and Samantha looked clueless most of the times. They were just trying to please the director, but couldn't own the characters. Chemistry between them is absolutely missing. Even the only romantic moment in the film looked forced and unwanted. Bad dialogue made the job of director even difficult. There are some good moments and funny situations in the film, but on a whole Jabardasth doesn't work.

First half of the film is better with entertaining scenes. Nitya Menen is the only saving grace in second hour. Unfortunately her character lasts for very less time and the last half an hour of the film just drags on and on. Climax didn't work despite having some emotional content. In one word, Jabardasth is a half baked movie that may not please the target audience.

Verdict: Jabar-Dust!